Welcome to Rocky Glade Farm!

We hope you will enjoy your visit here at our diverse family farm. Feel free to look around at our naturally raised livestock, hoophouses, garden, and market offerings. Rocky Glade Farm is a busy place growing four acres of naturally raised vegetables such as garlic, strawberries and fresh greens in the spring and a diverse array of vegetables in our hoophouses during the winter. We spend our summers growing storage crops like winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes and other vegetables so we have plenty to offer our fall and winter CSA customers. Operating on 50 acres in Eagleville, Tennessee (Southern Middle Tennessee) our family produces grass-fed beef and lamb. Welcome!

RGF 2017-2018 Winter CSA!!!
Rocky Glade Farm is happy to offer a Winter CSA for the 13th year in a row! CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture, also known as subscription farming. As a part of our Winter CSA you will be subscribing for pickup of fresh veggies every other week. Changing things up a bit this year and offering our CSA for two different time periods:

#1 Fall Only: I just want to get started--you get 6 boxes of fresh produce from October through the middle of December. OR Of course if you sign up for fall and decide you want to continue through 2018 we'll be happy to accommodate:)

#2 Full Season: Die Hard and we love you for it! You are signing up for 15 pickups of fresh produce from October through middle of May.

Two pickup locations-On the Farm here in Eagleville on Tuesday afternoons 3-6 pm and Saturday mornings at the Franklin Farmers Market at the Factory (hours vary between 8-1 and 9-12 over the entire season--I'll keep you informed!)

Fall Only starts October 3/7 and ends December 12/16.
Full Season Starts October 3/7 and ends May 8/12. There is a three week break between your last pickup of 2017 on December 12/16 and your first pickup of 2018 on January 2/6 (trying to miss Christmas and New Year's). In addition to that there is also an extra week built into the season that we can choose to DROP due to weather or other conditions (we will notify you in advance of the drop week, promise!)

Fall Only: 6 weeks at 35.00 per week gives you a total of 210.00 for the entire fall season. Payable in full by September 15.
Full Season: 15 weeks at 35.00 per week is a total of 525.00 for the entire 7 months. Payable either in full or 262.50 by September 15 and balance of 262.50 by February 1.

Now that all the numbers are up, what do we grow? We try to balance our growing between greens and root crops. Variety is our goal! Usually your fall boxes contain winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, garlic and a variety of fall greens, plus peppers and fresh ginger! Moving into late fall you can expect broccoli and other brassica type veggies in addition to more winter squash and sweet potatoes. January and February are our most challenging growing months, however they can be some of the best eating as the greens are super sweet and welcome to our dead of winter diet. I love our winter lettuces and greens for soups! Early spring brings an abundance of lettuces and salad items like radishes, onions and other fresh ingredients. It also sometimes brings carrots, beets and other long crops that find that extra sunshine of March needed for maturing. Late spring is usually our customer's favorite…last season the early spring weather brought strawberries to our CSA boxes from April all the way through the end of May!

Some things are staples for us, like a wide variety of lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, sweet potatoes, winter squash and garlic. You won't necessarily get those items every time, but you will see them more often than other veggies. We do strive for a variety of things all the while keeping it stable so you know what to expect and don't have to learn a new way of cooking with each box. We guarantee you to have your money's worth in each box. In general your produce will fill a bushel size box at each pickup. Most of the time, you get more than you've paid for…but then that's the benefit of being in a CSA! You are our number 1's! We take care of YOU!

Interested? Here's what you need to do… email us at jvaughn@rockygladefarm.com and let us know
1. Fall or FULL season?
2.Where to pick up your boxes (Farm or Franklin)

IF Fall, your payment in full of 210.00 is due by September 15, please!
IF FULL, your deposit of 262.50 is due by September 15, or you can pay in full if you choose 525.00--thanks!
You can mail your deposit to us at 2397 Rocky Glade Road, Eagleville, TN 37060.

If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us via email. As always, it is a pleasure to grow good food for your family. We appreciate your support of our small family farm!

Thanks from,
Jim, Julie, Dylem, Caleb, Jacob and Justin Vaughn @ Rocky Glade Farm

Where to find our RGF (Really...Good...Food)

Franklin Farmers Market Saturday Winter hours are 9-1. For more information about the market please visit Franklin Farmers Market Website

Stones River Online Market--Murfreesboro Square area We are proud to serve the Murfreesboro area weekly through the online market of Stones River Stones River Market Locally Grown Please visit their website for more information about ordering and delivery.

Fresh Harvest Cooperative--Nashville area
Happy to be one of the chemical free/naturally grown vendors associated with Fresh Harvest Cooperative. Fresh Harvest Cooperative
Please visit their website to learn more about their ordering process and pickup schedule.

Nolensville Locally Grown--Nolensville, Eagleville, Nashville area
Order through the week and pickup on Saturdays at Art of Life Chiropractic in Nolensville. For more information, to sign in and order visit Nolensville Locally Grown

Nashville Grown--bulk orders for restaurants or wholesale amounts you can sign in and order twice a week from our farm and other local farms (100 miles to Nashville and closer). For more information contact Alan at 615-900-0111 or visit Nashville Grown

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