April 2015 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

Hello Farm Friends!

Spring has Sprung here in Middle Tennessee and we are so glad. Did anyone else think it was a LONG winter? So far it has been a very wet and cool spring. Some crops love that and others detest it. So what you will see at the market this spring are lots of fresh greens, while some of the more heat loving plants will come in a bit later this season. We are off to a good start this spring. Dylem and Caleb have moved their new chicks outside to their "Ferrari". Which is a moveable pen that is sort of medium sized for their birds. We are working on a larger hoop structure that will be their permanent home when they are bigger. We are happy about the moveable hoop because it has long been a desire of ours to have the hens portable to move around on the farm to various pastures and locations. Hens are good for the soil, good to break up parasites from the other breeds of animals we have and just all around good at catching bugs that can hurt the crops. We are happy to have them on our team!

Everything and everyone is growing around here. The twins turned two in December 2014. So we have a 10, 7 and two twos on our hands. The big boys are so good with their little brother and for sure I can honestly say I would NEVER get ANYTHING done if it were not for the big brothers help!

Strawberries are beginning to come in, the garlic looks great after much needless fretting on my part this winter. The hoop crops are coming along and in the next few weeks we will begin breaking ground for our brassicas and winter squash and sweet potato crops.

Speaking of STRAWBERRIES!!! IF you would like to be put on our gallons of berries list for making jam, preserves or just freezing for winter use, please send me an email with your NAME and how many gallons of berries you would like to have this spring. I will email you back and we can figure out a time that works for everyone to pick them up!

We appreciate your business, but appreciate your friendship the most. Have any questions about our farm? Feel free to email us. Let us know how we can serve you and get some RGF ( Really Good Food) into your hands!

Have you heard??

Would you like to be able to pre-order for the market? Sign up for the RGF Franklin News HERE. on the lower left hand side of our homepage and each time we bring goodies to the market, you will know ahead of time what is "growing on" and "get it before you get there".

WHERE TO FIND US We have several ways you can get our produce. The Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays, and Stones River On-line Market and Bedford County Locally Grown

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the Summer Market. Hours are 8-1 beginning in MAY.

Stones River Market is open for orders each Sunday through Tuesday with orders delivered to Murfreesboro on Wednesdays. This is a wonderful "market" for Murfreesboro where you can order from the comfort of your computer from many different farms, bakeries, etc and pickup in one location, just off the square in downtown Murfreesboro. For more information please visit Stones River Online Market.

Bedford County Locally Grown A new online market serving Shelbyville and the rest of Bedford County with excellent locally grown and produced items. This market opens in May 2015. We hope you will visit the site and see what is available.
Bedford County Locally Grown Online Market.

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To read this month's farm life blog click below. Jim's father passed away in January 2015 after battling a long degenerative illness. To read a message from Jim about his father please visit:

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