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Our MiNi share begins  August 31 - December 7

This is a greens only share

Boxes are available EVERY OTHER WEEK (opposite Fall/FULL weeks)

A great way to create your own LIGHTER share for smaller families

Use it to supplement Fall/Full Shares for fresh veggies on a WEEKLY basis

Add on dry goods, extra produce you prefer from our online store to complete your meal plan

8 WEEKS for $160.00

Paid in full by August 8


add a dozen eggs to each pickup for $40.00

I want to JOIN the MiNi CSA!!!
I want to add a dozen eggs to each pickup @ 5.00 each for a total of $40.00 for the MiNi Season

You will receive an email confirmation shortly along with payment information. Thank you for signing up for our MiNi CSA!

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