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  • Julie Vaughn

Because of her

BECAUSE OF HER: for Mam-maw, Mom, Allison and Olivia.

Because of her I am a better person. She taught me unconditional love, how to find the joy in each and every moment of life and how to hold your tongue and still get your message across. She taught me how to laugh out loud, put others before yourself and be generous even when you don't have a lot.

Because of her I am able to be here. She gave up her body for 9 months and a piece of her heart to me forever. Because of her my world is better. She listens, comforts and loves even from a long distance. She taught me how to be silly, fall in the floor laughing, that Garth Brooks was not just a flash in the pan and that to connect with your kids you need to get involved in what their passions are.

Because of her I am a better mother. Because I know she would give ANYTHING to hold her baby. Life looks different through my eyes because of her. Changing a diaper, wiping up a mess and making a peanut butter sandwich is a joy, a gift, a treasure because you never know what tomorrow brings. Because of her life is precious and renewed. Things that have always been there are suddenly noticed and given thanks for. Nothing is taken for granted because of her.

Because of HIM it is all possible. Because He made a WAY that changed everything. Because of Him life is made whole where it was broken, faith is found, comfort is given, hope is renewed, joy of the everlasting kind is in our hearts. Because of Him I am made new and able to see the precious things in life from "her".

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