Winter CSA

What is a WINTER CSA?

We call it "winter", but basically it's everything opposite summer!  We grow and provide you with the best that fall, winter and spring have to offer!  Utilizing our passive-solar hoop-houses, field crops and storage crops we've fed local families through the winter for the past 16 years!  With each CSA pickup, you will receive a set box of vegetables with the additional benefit of a few choices, so you can choose what best suits your family.  We will have extra items available for purchase through our On-line Store, so that you can add on your family favorites and pickup at the same time with your CSA box.

We have OPTIONS!

There are 3 options for this 2020-2021 season:  FALL, FULL and MiNi

All pickups are from the farm in Eagleville Tn on Tuesdays from 2-6 pm.


Boxes begin Sept 8 -- finishes before Christmas.

Same share/Same pickup week as FULL CSA

Contains greens and root veggies


  Boxes begin Sept 8 -- finishes  May 2021

Same share/same pickup week as Fall CSA



Boxes begin Sept 1 -- finishes before Christmas

Different pickup week than Fall/Full

All greens--use as supplement  or to create a"lighter" share

What veggies can I expect?

We try to balance our growing between greens and root crops.  Variety is our goal!  Usually your fall boxes contain winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, garlic and a variety of fall greens, plus hot and sweet peppers.   Moving into late fall you can expect broccoli and other brassica type veggies, in addition to more winter squash and sweet potatoes.  January and February are our most challenging growing months, however they can be some of the best eating as the greens are super sweet and are welcome to our “dead of winter” diet.  I love our winter lettuces and greens for soups!  Early spring brings an abundance of lettuces and salad items like radishes, onions, spinach, baby kales and salad mixes.  It also sometimes brings carrots, beets and other long day crops that use that extra sunshine of March for maturing.  Late spring is usually our customer’s favorite…spring weather usually brings strawberries to your boxes along with other yummy spring produce like Swiss chard and a variety of Asian greens. Some variety of Kale is a staple for at least 95% of our CSA season.