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  • Julie Vaughn

Is it SPRING yet?

No doubt the #1 question I am asked in this year of 2024...and my answer is this--NO!--Not yet!

Tennessee has many tricks up her sleeve usually in the months of March and April. An Easter freeze is usually textbook for our Tennessee weather! So don't get those shorts out just yet! is warming up and we see signs of spring all around us: pastures that are "greening up", Robins returning and all sorts of birds either heading back to our state or returning home after over wintering here, and strawberries blooming!

It's a busy active thing waiting on Spring. It's a time of hope, but cautious hope as a farmer, knowing that one good "cold spell" means all this February spring progress will be lost and we will need to start over again. Good thing farmers are a resilient bunch.

All the best to you and yours this SPRING! We will be open every other week for on-farm orders...going to weekly pickups once the berries start coming in....fingers crossed and prayers being prayed! Hugs, Julie

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