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  • Julie Vaughn


Yes folks! It is SPRING with all it's rainy, windy, sunny, bloomy goodness! On the farm, you can't help but appreciate all of the above! Like most folks in Middle Tn, we received way to much rain in March, but those April winds are blowing and drying up the soil and hopefully this coming week we can get the POTATOES in the ground. much later than we usually accomplish this task, but if 2020 taught me anything it's that--REALLY, it's all gonna be ok. Strawberries are about 2 weeks away if all goes well with the cold snaps we are expecting this week. That is always a fun and challenging season! Everyone loves berries and I do believe they are like little packages of HOPE. With each juicy, sweet bite you begin to feel like you are ready for the summer ahead! The boys baby chicks are doing good and are staying good and warm in the brooder during our up and down spring weather. Ginger and Turmeric have been set in dirt and primed to sprout...always fun to grow something wild and least it's fun to get boxes from Hawaii when the root stock arrives!

Hope each of you are doing well and enjoying your spring...whatever it brings to your life in 2021! Take care and come see us! We are taking online orders Friday-Sunday for the following Tuesday pickup (2-6pm)--all spring and summer long!



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