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  • Julie Vaughn

Thoughts of summer?

So many catalogs flood our mailboxes these days...the legit ones and the ones that I just have to laugh at (HUNDREDS of pounds from one plant:)---ummm probably not the most truthful catalog to base your yields on:)

It's February...the month where brain cells get the heavy workout that our backs will get this spring and summer. Honestly, sometimes I prefer the physical work to the mental. At least you can see your progress. All I truly know after over 20 years in this growing business is that if you DON'T plan...the rest of the year cannot be successful. There is no way to just willy-nilly your way through being a vegetable farmer. So...plan away oh great fuzzy brain of mine...and if you are interested in eating the fruits of all this planning labor check out our summer CSA page---sign ups begin NOW!

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