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Summer CSA


If you love basic summer goodness, this CSA is for you!

A variety of fresh leafy greens, new potatoes, onions and more begin your summer season here at Rocky Glade Farm. 


Green beans, cucumbers, cabbages, okra, multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers and potatoes will come next and be the main season crops.


  Corn will be planted and hopefully available towards the end of the season.


  Onions, garlic, herbs and flowers will brighten the boxes each week through the season.  We do not grow summer squash.


The Details...

Begins June 2 - Ends July 28

9 Weekly Pickups at the Farm in Eagleville -- Fridays -- 2-6 PM

Cost is $360.00

Payment due by May 1, 2023

 2 options:

Farmers Market Style

(you pick out your veggies at pickup)

perfect for those of you who like to pick out your own veggies and are ok with a longer pickup time


Julie's Box

I'll pick out your selection of veggies each week and have the bag ready and in the cooler when you pull through.  Excellent for those who don't want to choose, want a faster pickup experience, love a grab bag and surprises...or have someone else picking up your veggies each week.

Interested?  Sign up below or email us with any questions.

Half shares are available in Julie's box form for details please

Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

 More details...

Fresh Veggies...always clean

Grown clean (not certified organic, but organically grown) washed and home to you clean!  We take pride in growing the healthiest food possible and sending it home with you in snackable fashion.

flowers marigold.jpg

Flowers and Herbs


Herbs will be a choice in many of your CSA weekly shares. We also have two local flower growing friends that you can purchase seasonal bouquets from during the summer months.




Our boys raised hens that are on pasture 365 days a year, producing healthy eggs that taste amazing.  Egg shares are available for the CSA as well as available through our online store.

Heading 6
I want to join the SUMMER CSA!
I want to add a dozen eggs to each pick up for 6.00 per dozen (total of $54.00 for the season)

You will receive an email confirmation shortly along with payment information. Thank you for signing up for our Summer CSA!

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