• Julie Vaughn

Are we there yet?

Do you ever feel like 2020 is a journey that will never end? A road with a thousand twists and turns, some of them hairpin and some a bit more smooth? Most weeks, I feel like 2020 is a series of hills--UP/Down/UP/Down--For me, the best part of this journey is the people who are riding along in this big 'ol station wagon we call Rocky Glade Farm! I'm talking about our family---all 6 of us buckled in for whatever comes next!

Our family--growing for you has never been more true! Everything we think about planning wise for the remainder of 2020 and even into 2021 revolves around two things...our family and yours. I'm working on updating this website with details about our Fall/Winter and new MiNi CSA for 2020-2021! We think you're gonna like the new options! Sign ups begin in July! CSA starts in September! Stay tuned!


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