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  • Julie Vaughn

Springtime Farm Kids

Used to be that when we talked about kids in the springtime we were talking about our baby goats, but today...I'm just speaking about these guys right here. My babies. say! They aren't babies anymore, but any momma will tell you that they will always be your babies no matter how big (and tall) they get. My oldest graduates high school this year. Yes. Wow. Thank you Jesus we did it! Three more to go! These are good kiddos and all the spring work that needs to get finished around here couldn't be accomplished without them! I am so thankful for them and their smiles and jokes to keep things fun around the farm. They also grow some amazing laying hens that produce some pretty amazing free-range eggs. We have a set of new chicks in the brooder and the older hens on pasture are cranking up production with the increased spring sunlight. You can find their eggs at Hatcher Dairy Farm Store or right here through our on-line farm store . Happy Spring...berries are just around the corner!!!



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