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  • Julie Vaughn

The water trough

I have no idea how old this trough is, but from the looks of it, it has held water for quite a while now. It has at least held tadpoles for going on 16 years that I know of. All of my babies have their ONE YEAR OLD pictures made here at the water trough because well, it is just that interesting. And they are just so cute when they are interested. Thick rock walls that are cool to the touch, strong enough to lean on, even sit on if you are inclined. A big long stick running the length of the trough to help break the ice when it is frozen in the winter months. Enough sludge and slime in the bottom that big old frogs can winter in the trough, then mate and of course have lots of babies in the form of tadpoles come warmer weather. Dragonflies and bees will water here in the high summer when water is scarce elsewhere. They don't have to even touch the water. They can just drink where the rocks wick the water upwards a bit. Perfect for those fliers. Perfect for me. It has a pump handle right above this trough. It is easy to fill. It is the perfect place for discovering life. Discovering the little things in life with the little ones in your life, or just sitting alone discovering things about your own life that you never even imagined. I love this water trough. I imagine when I am old and gray looking out and blinking twice because I am sure I will see my little ones playing there when they are grown up men. It will still be here, long after I am not. I hope it remembers me. I hope it knows how much I appreciated it for so many things. For bringing my family together, for caring for my livestock, for helping me finish my chores and for giving me a place to discover who I really am deep down even when the water is too murky to see my reflection.

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