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  • Julie Vaughn

What's life like in 2021?

There are many folks who had a goal of just surviving 2020 and while that was completely legitimate, I think at some point we all realized that things were not going to be "normal" by the start of 2021. Which brings me to my point. What's your life like in 2021? Do you have plans and goals and dreams that you are burning to achieve? Are you just holding steady doing the same things you always have done that has brought success? Are you taking chances, risks--expanding your business or playing it safe and just hoping to keep the cash flow going?

While a new year always presents a clean slate for us, I find that 2021 seems tainted with Covid, financial worry and just general lack of trustworthy information on how we can all plan for the rest of the year...not to mention the years to come. It bothers me when folks talk about "the next pandemic". Could we please just survive this one?

For us on the farm, we find ourselves tired. Unsure of whether to invest in farm improvements or just keep what we have in the bank for a bit. Last year Covid caught us by surprise and we had to change on the fly. In some ways 2021 is harder. We know what we are dealing with right now and still planning is extremely difficult.

So here is what we've decided to do. Follow our hearts. FOLLOW our HEARTS. Right now, my heart yearns for a bit of space, some "slack" if you will so that every moment is not full of stress and pressure...even if that means sacrificing income or not being ready to grow when things improve. I need to be surrounded by my family and feel like joking around instead of bossing them around to the next job. Oh believe me there will be plenty of both I'm certain in 2021, but I really just need ROOM for things to not be textbook. SPACE to wake up and not feel against the wall with deadlines and work and FREEDOM to nurture our wonderful farm friends who have carried us through the past year with their business, but more importantly their prayers, smiles and kind words.

We've decided to get back into the summer CSA groove and feed those families that brought us through the pandemic. Give them the tools they need to provide for their families and nurture a sense of community even if it still is 6 feet apart. Only here, when I think about these people, do I feel the slightest bit of excitement for 2021. We love growing for YOU...always have...always will.

Thanks for supporting our small family farm!

Hugs, Julie

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