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  • Julie Vaughn

Hello again!

Well, hmmm. What can I say. I am truly terrible at this blog thing. I see it has been years since I've written anything on here and what is my excuse? Will you believe my sob story of "twins"? It's true! Twins that are now 5 but somehow feel like they are still 3 in some ways. I know for sure my singles were much more mature/easy caring etc. than these two are. My term for them is SYNERGY. You know like 1 plus 1 equals 1,246? That's how I feel most days. I love them to pieces, but it feels like herding cats. This year they are officially in Kindergarten and since we homeschool that means I have two 5 year olds to teach. At the same time. together. each day. It really only takes something as small as "purple pizazz" as a crayon color to completely dismantle school and leave them puddles of giggling goo. I just stare. But mostly I smile because these two creatures have made me a more chill momma. I've learned or at least I'm learning that some battles are not worth fighting and that winning the war or just keeping them alive until they are 18 is more important. I've sort of let it all go and my older two are in shock! Now of course I keep them in line, but they really do teach me each day to stop and smell everything, to laugh like absolutely no ones watching, to find humor in the mindlessness of life. Basically just go with it momma that's all there is to do.

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